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INR Payment Processing coming soon

TweetIt’s been a while since we last updated you on what’s been happening behind closed doors at the doattend nerve centre. There’s a lot of excitement being generated, with doattend being considered as an online registration service for events ranging from corporate themed conferences to social weekend meets. One of our mates actually turned down […]
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Please take your seat, the show's about to begin

TweetThe lingering thought in your mind now is probably, “What exactly is doAttend?” A brief preamble would help in explaining. Event Management has taken on a new meaning. What started off as a term used to describe those large, snazzy corporate sponsored entertainment shows has moved on to encompass everything from small social get togethers, […]
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Getting Started with DoAttend

TweetDoAttend has been in development for several weeks and was first used for Indian’s best known Startup Event – DoAttend managed their complete online attendee registration. Ever since, we have had requests from several companies to help them streamline their event registration process. And we are just doing that. We are about to roll […]
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