Please take your seat, the show's about to begin

The lingering thought in your mind now is probably, “What exactly is doAttend?”

A brief preamble would help in explaining.

Event Management has taken on a new meaning. What started off as a term used to describe those large, snazzy corporate sponsored entertainment shows has moved on to encompass everything from small social get togethers, charity fund runs and cultural shows to conferences, exhibitions and the like. Realistically, any meeting that calls for participation by varied individuals or groups should be termed an event.

Now any event needs an audience. We’ve all heard that the World is Flat, and sure to that statement, the Internet has opened up the boundaries of communication to such an extent that an online-promoted event is now able to garner attention from audiences all across the world, if it is promoted well enough.

Putting these two points together, the question we ask is :

“How do you promote and manage an event online, well enough to ensure that your target audience is successfully tapped for participants and registrants while providing them with a straight forward, easy to use online registration system that allows for tickets to be purchased and emailed or printed, all the while guaranteeing that an online payment processing platform takes care of your payment collection, at minimal cost, leaving you to concentrate on the event itself rather than the administrative responsibilities of organising it? ”

That question’s quite a mouthful, but luckily, we have an answer that’s much, much simpler.

We present to you, an Online Event Registration Service that does all this, and more.

doAttend. We’ve got a seat for you.

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