Add Discount Coupons to your Event Tickets


It is a good idea to pass out discount coupon codes to boost  your event tickets sales or pass on discounts to select group. DoAttend allows you to setup and manage discounts effortlessly.

Let me get to the finer details:

  • You can setup as many discounts as possible for a ticket
  • You can restrict the number of times a discount coupon could be used
  • You can define the discount amount either as an exact amount or a percentage
  • You can setup a date range for which the coupon code would be available. The discount code will automatically expire when it reaches the end date specified by you.
  • The discount code can be applied on one or more ticket types
  • Your sales data would reflect the discount code used by the attendee during the purchase

Try out this new feature and do drop in your feedback. Log in to your account or sign up now to get started.

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