doattend – New & Improved


A vibrant new look. A handful of new features. Check out what’s new at doattend:

1. Custom Fields for Registrations

Event managers can now set up custom fields for their event registration forms, choosing from either a set of pre-determined fields or creating their own custom fields and deciding which fields are mandatory. Get a complete information in CSV format with the ‘Export’ link under Registrations.

2. Offline Orders

Sometimes registrants may prefer not to pay online. Event managers can now enable Offline Orders which allows
registrants to enter their details and pay event managers in a manner of their choice (cheque, cash, bank transfers, etc). Once the payment is received, the event managers can update basic transaction details and mark the offline order as purchased, allowing for e-tickets to be delivered to the registrants.

3. Google Maps and Calendar Integration

All event pages now have Google Maps showing the route to the event and links for visitors to add the event to their calendars. Nifty right?

4. Custom Ticket Design

Event managers can now add custom header and footer images along with the event logo to the ticket design. Perfect for having your sponsors featuring on tickets! Also, each ticket can now be customised to show select components.

5. DoAttend LIVE

A single page that pulls in tweets from your official twitter account, tweets about your events and photos of your event from flickr. With a simple single page setup, this is one feature thats sure to boost your event promotion efforts.

6. Brand new Interface

If you are returning to DoAttend after quite some time, then we suggest you hold on to something before you log in lest you get blown away ! A whole set of added features and more on their way; we have revamped the User Interface for both Event Managers and Registrants. With the new Event Overview page, you are brought upto speed instantly about whats happening with your event.

7. Website Update

All the information you need is now available on our website. Take a look at the new FeaturesPricing pages.

Got feedback/requests/suggestions/praises for us? Mail us at

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