No event too small or too large for doattend. Indeed.

We believe in practicing what we preach.

When we unveiled doattend to the world, one of our opening lines was, and still is, the title of this blog post; “No event too small or too large”.

It got us thinking, late last week- whilst burning the midnight oil and breaking our minds over a crucial topic that would determine our weekend’s fate (the menu for our first ever Sunday lunch cookfest) – why not use dear ol’ doattend to spread the word about it?

And so, “Cook With Rethas” was born. An event that saw the Tenmiles team get together for an afternoon of fun, food and fondue (our white sauce pasta was the talk of the day, but that’s a different story altogether).

We enjoyed ourselves, so the “Cookwith….” events will now feature regularly on our monthly calendar and the next one will definitely be opened for public registration.

Why the next one you ask? Well, we’re confident of our cooking now. Confident enough to invite you to have a taste.

Keep a lookout for a “Cookwith…” event near you!

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