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doattend gets reviewed by AppVita

Tweet AppVita, a site dedicated to highlighting the ever-increasing number of web-based applications, recently reviewed doattend. Here’s a peek at some of the great things they had to say: “The feature-packed application has all the tools to let users create, promote, and track the guests who’ve registered to attend their events online” “For busy event […]
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At Venue Registrations – Manage last minute event registrations with ease

TweetAs the event manager, you’ve played your role perfectly. The event’s a day away and ticket sales through your doattend event page have now closed. It’s now time for you to focus your efforts on the actual event and get ready to welcome all your attendees. Fast forward a day. It’s now event day and […]
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doattend team @ RubyConf India 2010

TweetWe’re quite excited about attending RubyConf India 2010, the first ever RubyConf to be held in India, on the 20th & 21st March 2010 in Bangalore, barely a couple of days away. Aside from listening in to and gathering as much as we can from the panel of prominent speakers, it’s going to be a […]
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Send Email Invitations to Your Guests

TweetAnother new entrant to the doattend feature list, Guest Invites. Whilst regular event attendees will visit your doattend event page, register and purchase a ticket (if it’s a paid event) themselves, there inevitably will be a privileged few who will hold the status of guests to your event. As is the norm, guests are invited […]
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Ticket Buyer and Attendee Registrations

TweetContinuing with the minor changes to doattend‘s workflow, we bring to you the Ticketing Options page, previously known as Payment Options. Why the change you ask? Well, we’ve provided you with an additional setting on the type of information you can collect for your event and this necessitated a refreshed Page Name. In the “Information […]
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Hey, that's a new event tab!

Tweet That’s probably what you said to yourself after logging into your Event Manager’s desk and having a look at your menu tabs, if you’ve been using doattend for a while now. Yes, your event tabs now include Overview, Event Setup, Ticketing, Registrations and LIVE, with the new tab entrant being “Event Setup”. To make your […]
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DoAttend Reloaded – More Features, Better Workflow

TweetThe secret to a winning recipe lies in the ingredients used to make it. And so, we’re pleased to offer you another round of new features to make your Event Management experience on DoAttend a tasty, or rather, satisfying one. Watch this space as we update you, in detail, on the host of new features […]
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