At Venue Registrations – Manage last minute event registrations with ease

As the event manager, you’ve played your role perfectly. The event’s a day away and ticket sales through your doattend event page have now closed. It’s now time for you to focus your efforts on the actual event and get ready to welcome all your attendees.

Fast forward a day.

It’s now event day and you have a flood of registration requests for tickets to the event, at the last minute. Ticket sales through the doattend event page are closed, but spaces are still available.

What do you do?

That’s simple. You make use of doattend’s “At Venue Registration” feature to register your attendees on the spot; right then, right there!

Login to your Event Manager Account, navigate to the Registrations tab and select “At Venue Registration”, to display a list of available ticket types – just as the attendee would see it had they visited your doattend event page. Select the quantity for the relevant ticket type, and hit Continue.

You’ll then be requested to fill in the registration form, on behalf of the attendee.

Right, attendee registered. Now what about payment?

Since it’s too late to accept payments via online methods such as credit card, at venue registrations would usually have to be paid for on the spot through traditional offline payment methods such as cash or cheque. Provide an offline payment reference prior to confirming the registration and once that’s done, you can choose to print out the attendee’s eTicket.

At Venue Registrations are added to the Completed Registrations Summary, so you can be sure that all registrations have been accounted for.

We’ve got a seat for you; so rest assured that we’ll ensure you have every opportunity to register an attendee for your event, even after ticket sales are closed online.

Payments collected through registrations at venue would carry the 1% doattend fee (offline payments), as perĀ Doattend’s Pricing Structure.

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