Send Email Invitations to Your Guests

Another new entrant to the doattend feature list, Guest Invites.

Whilst regular event attendees will visit your doattend event page, register and purchase a ticket (if it’s a paid event) themselves, there inevitably will be a privileged few who will hold the status of guests to your event. As is the norm, guests are invited to an event and need only acknowledge an invitation to confirm theirĀ attendance.

Through your Event Manager’s Desk on doattend, you can now send out Guest Invites, for free.

Navigate to the New Guest Invite area, under the Registrations tab and complete your event’s registration form on behalf of your guests. If you have more than one ticket to your event, choose the one relevant to each guest, and send the invites out right away. Each of your guests will then receive an email invite from doattend, with a confirmation link that, when clicked, will ensure that their eTickets are delivered to them.

From an event manager’s perspective, you’ll always know which guests have confirmed their attendance at your event. In addition to the Completed & Incompleted Registrations, doattend provides you with a Guest Summary page that displays all the registration information that has been collected for your guests. As with other registration summaries, Guest Summary details can be exported to CSV format.

A caveat here, though. Guest Confirmations are not included in your total ticket sales count so we recommend that you keep your guest head count separate from your attendee head count.

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