Ticket Buyer and Attendee Registrations

Continuing with the minor changes to doattend‘s workflow, we bring to you the Ticketing Options page, previously known as Payment Options.

Why the change you ask? Well, we’ve provided you with an additional setting on the type of information you can collect for your event and this necessitated a refreshed Page Name.

In the “Information to Collect” settings box, you can now specify whether to collect:

1. Each attendee’s information in a single order
This is ideal for conferences or formal events where information on each event attendee is a requirement. Many a time, a group of tickets are purchased by a single buyer, for example, a company purchasing tickets on behalf of its employees who wish to attend the event. Information on each attendee is often crucial, as seating arrangements, badges and other attendee specific arrangements need to be made. In such cases, opting to collect every attendee’s information in an order would be most beneficial.

2. A single person’s information in an order
This is ideal for social events such as plays and concerts where information on the ticket buyer alone is satisfactory to maintain event registrations. Even if more than one ticket was purchased on a single order, typically, a social event may require details on the ticket buyer rather than each and every attendee.

3. A combination of both attendee information and ticket buyer information
There may be specific requirements where both attendee and ticket buyer information is required to maintain a list of all registrations, in which case, this option provides you with a comprehensive list of registrant information.

For whichever ticketing option you select, you can easily export all details to a CSV file for onward editing in a spreadsheet. The option to choose between any three of these selections is yours, providing you with an optimal use of the information collected from your event registrations.

The rest of the page, as before, allows you to specify the currency in which tickets will be sold as well as relevant details required for event manager payouts.

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