Tracking Event Registrations

Regardless whether your event is free or paid-for, one of your main objectives is to ensure that you’re able to have as many attendees register as possible. For conferences, it becomes all the more important to ensure that all seats are filled.

The Completed Registrations summary provides you with a continuously updated list of successful registrations to your event, in addition to the email registration notifications that you, as the event manager, receive. At any point of time, you’re aware of who’s attending your event.

On the other hand, what about those who attempted to register, but then decided to abandon the process for unknown reasons? Many a time, especially for paid events, attendees begin the registration process only to find that they may not have their credit card on them, or may decide to register later after checking with friends/colleagues who may wish to attend as well. It’s great if they manage to register later as expected, but what if they forget and end up missing out on the entire event? How do you ensure that such lost-sales do not occur?

DoAttend provides you with the ability to track every registration to your event, even those that are incomplete.

From your event’s Overview section, navigate to the Registrations tab and select “Incomplete” to bring up details of any incomplete registrations to your event:

Basic contact details, including Name, Email ID and the date on which registration was attempted are available to you.

If required, you can make use of the Incomplete Registrations to follow up with these prospective attendees, who didn’t go through completely with their first attempt at registering.

In situations where you still have tickets available to your conference/event, following up with attendees on the incomplete registrations list is a great way to successfully reach out to people who were already interested in attending.

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