Embed ticket box on your website

DoAttend now provides you with the ability to embed your event page’s ticket box on your website, complete with all tickets available for purchase/registration as well as the option to enter a discount coupon, if you have coupons set up.

Prospective event attendees can begin the event registration process directly from your website and then be taken to your event page’s registration form on doattend to complete it.

To access the embed code for your ticket box:
1. Login to your doattend account and select your event
2. Navigate to the “Ticketing” tab and click on “All Tickets” to bring up the tickets created for this specific event:

The Embed code will be automatically displayed below the list of tickets created. To have the ticket box displayed in a page on your website, merely copy the embed code provided and paste it into the desired HTML page.

For every event that you create on doattend which requires attendees to register, the embed code will be displayed within that event’s “All Tickets” page. (Please note : you would need to have at least one ticket created, free or paid, for the embed code to be made available)

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