Setup discounted pricing for group ticket purchases

As an incentive to promote ticket sales, it is common for event organizers to offer reduced pricing to a group of attendees purchasing tickets in a single order.

Rather than create individual ticket types and differentiate between single and group categories, doattend now offers you the ability to specify various slabs of pricing on a single ticket type, depending on the quantity purchased.
Let’s consider an example to better highlight this feature. Suppose you’re hosting an event with a single ticket, Regular Registration, available for purchase and meeting the following conditions:

-priced at $100.00/ticket, for purchases of upto 3 tickets
-A group discount of 10% per ticket applies for purchases of 4 tickets or more, effectively bringing down the ticket price to $90.00
-A total of 10 tickets can be purchased in a single order

To define a slab-based pricing structure whilst creating your ticket, enable Group Pricing in the ticket creation form. This will bring up the first price slab, for a minimum group size of 1:

The ticket price for the first slab is automatically set to the list price of this ticket, which is $100.00. The maximum size for this group is set to 3, which meets the primary condition for this ticket type.

To add the next pricing-slab, click on “Add Group Pricing”:

This brings up a second slab and automatically sets the minimum group size to 4 (1 greater than the preceding group’s maximum size). ┬áThe maximum size of 10 and price of $90.00/ticket for this second slab can then be defined:

Click on Add Ticket to create this ticket and have it available for purchase on your event page.

Ticket pricing on the event page will then be updated dynamically based on the quantity of tickets selected by the group ticket buyer.

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