List your event in the DoAttend Events Directory

If you’re one of the thousands of event organizers currently using doattend, you probably reached out to attendees through one or more of the following ways to drive registrations to your event:

-direct marketing within your social and professional network
-referrals from existing/previous event participants
-publicity drives through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

Two of our burning desires over the last year have been to ensure that prospective attendees are kept aware of other events currently on doattend and that we provide excellent event visibility for each and every event organizer.

Keeping this in mind, we are extremely pleased and excited to announce the much-awaited release of the DoAttend Events Directory, the go-to venue for all upcoming events powered by doattend.

Once an event has been listed on the directory, it appears in the list of upcoming events along with other events listed across the city. Visitors to the Events Directory can then:

  1. Access upcoming event pages directly or opt to share information of the event through their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts by merely clicking on the Like or Tweet buttons respectively.
  2. Search for specific events, using keywords, specific categories or event type (Paid or Free)
  3. Look through events in other cities across the world

Events that have just been published are clearly highlighted under the “Just Published” section, so visitors can keep track of any new events listed since they last visited the Directory.

We’ve kept the best interests of event organizers in mind as well! As your event page begins to attract more visitors, it appears under the “Popular Events” category.

Once your event page reaches a combination of registrations and page views, the Events Directory automatically features your event, complete with your event page’s banner and a link to register, right at the top of the directory.

Our Events Team (yep, we have one as well) will be doing everything they can to ensure that the Events Directory becomes the preferred point of reference for visitors to search for and select events they’re interested in.

List your event now! Navigate to the Promote tab within your event dashboard and make your way to the DoAttend Goodies page to add your event to the directory.

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