Send emails to event attendees

Communicating with attendees during the period leading up to and after an event is typically an important requirement. Last minute notices to attendees reminding them to bring their tickets, or thank you mails to guests who attended the last event are just some of the many needs that you, as an event organizer, may wish to communicate.

DoAttend now provides you with the ability to send emails to your attendees, each of whom receives an email addressed uniquely to him/her. For each event that you create, you can send upto 1000 emails per month, giving you the flexibility to continually engage with your event attendees.

Creating a new email is a simple 3-step process.

Step 1
Define basic mail settings, which include the Name of the Sender, the reply to email ID and your preferred subject:

Step 2
Choose the recipients of the email from a wide list of groups that your event attendees may fall under. By selecting the preferred group, you can ensure that emails are easily sent to the desired attendees.

For groups where a number is indicated alongside, the notification would be sent to all recipients within that group. If you wish to narrow down the recipient list further, you have a number of other groups to choose from. For example:

  • Attendees by Ticket Type
    For events where multiple tickets are available for purchase, such as early bird, regular and late registrations, you can choose to send emails to a select group of recipients based on the ticket(s) they’ve purchased.
  • Attendees Registered Before Date
    Send an email to attendees who registered before a specific date

Step 3
Type in the message you wish to send out using the Rich Text Editor. An option to create the mail message using HTML is also available; just click the HTML button to bring up the HTML editor.

Once you’ve completed the message, hit “Send” to instantly shoot out an email to each of the attendees in the chosen group .

Keep your attendees notified of event related news at all times.

Send your first email now! Login to your account and select Email Attendees (under the Promote tab).

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