Host Private Events with DoAttend

You can now setup private events to collect registrations on DoAttend. Company workshops, private training sessions, closed meet-ups – just about anything that you want to be locked to the outside world.

In your event creation/edit page, mark your event as “Private” and give it a password/secret-code.

Mark your event 'private' in event edit page

Your event page will then be locked and visitors will have to enter the password in order to view it and register for your event.

As an event manager, you need not manually send the password to your guests or participants. Guest Invites, Notification emails and Reminder emails will all include your event password information. You can remove the password from these emails, if you want, in the “Email Templates” section.

DoAttend’s promotion tools like Tweetbox and Social media links will not be present in the event page or in emails. So you can rest assured that none of your event participants will be encouraged to share them in any social networks. The DoAttend events directory displays popular events, featured events and upcoming events. Private events cannot be listed in this directory either.

You can however embed the tickets in your website for your private event.

We hope this solves the requirement of setting up online registrations for private events well. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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