Collecting online payments from attendees once an event is over

Our friends over at HasGeek were looking at a way to handle post-event ticketing and we realized that this was potentially a need faced by a large number of event organizers; one that can be easily catered to using doattend’s Private Events feature.

There may be cases where a handful of attendees attend an event but opt to pay online later. But then, to enable online payment collection would mean extending the event’s date, to have tickets available for purchase on the event page.

That raises one primary concern; what if the public at large misinterpret it for a new event, bringing in a whole new group of registrants for an event that has already taken place?

Using the private events feature provides you with a great work around to address this issue, whilst adhering to the main objectives:

  1. collect payments online from attendees that are due to pay for a ticket
  2. ensure that the event page is accessible only by a select group of attendees

Follow these simple steps to change your event’s status to Private:

  1. Edit the Event Info page and extend the event end date by a certain period – allowing for a time frame during which outstanding registrations need to be paid for
  2. Select the “Make this a private event” option and assign a unique code to access the event page
  3. Ensure that the relevant tickets’ sales period is updated, so that they’re available on the event page

Once done, simply provide the handful of attendees with the event page link & unique secret code to access the event page. These attendees can then choose their preferred online payment option and proceed to make a purchase against their registration.

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