Managing registrations for Startup Workshops: Customer Story

Over the past couple of years, we have seen all sorts of events using DoAttend. From alumni reunions to locksmith expos, from bicycle rides to developer conferences, from training workshops to TEDx conferences – yes we have interacted with a variety of event organizers who have whacky ideas and are great at making their event a success. We found their stories so interesting that we had to share them with you! It is from this thought that the Customer Story initiative was born.

This initiative, in the form of a series of video interviews, will lay bare the problems that various event organizers face in making sure their event is a success. It will put you in the shoes of an event organizer, giving you insights on how to tackle the challenge of arranging similar events.

The first video in this series features Vijay Anand, Founder of The Startup Centre (TSC) and all-round Startup Guy, speaking about the activities of TSC. The Startup Centre arranges workshops on a range of topics right from registering your company to pitching to a VC. Vijay has seen DoAttend grow from when it was a beta-baby and has provided many valuable inputs during the course of its evolution. Watch the video below to see what insights this true blue startup enthusiast has for you.

If you use DoAttend to manage event registrations and would like to be featured in our blog, just drop us a line at We’ll be happy to interact with you and make it happen.

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