Event CheckIn feature

We just rolled out “Event Checkin” feature in DoAttend. Many customers have been asking this for a long time and we are excited to release it today. Let me explain how Event CheckIn works.

Every event has “Event Checkin” tab (under “Attendees”) in the event manager section. This page will contain a list of all the confirmed Attendees and Guests for the event, along with their Check-in status and time.

Three primary things can be done in this Event Checkin page.

1. Attendees/Guests can be checked in.
2. Export the attendee list to CSV format.
3. Search for a particular attendee or guest.

To Check in an Attendee or a Guest: Simply type the Ticket number(given below the barcode in every ticket) in the textbox and press “Check In”. This even gets better if you have Barcode scanners at your disposal. Just supply the barcode scanner output to this text box then. The supplied ticket number or barcode will be cross checked with the event attendee list and the corresponding attendee will be marked as checked in. The list will then update the status of the attendee.

To export the attendee list along with their checkin status: Just click “Export this list” link and a CSV download will start immediately. The CSV file will contain the same list that is seen in the Event Check In page.

To search for a particular attendee/guest: Start typing any information (like email or name) you know about the attendee and the list will bring up the corresponding attendee to top of the list.

We are sure that this feature is very useful for an event. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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