New feature: Waiting List

We are excited to announce Waiting List feature on DoAttend. This feature allows event managers to collect and track those who are still interested in ordering a ticket, even after that ticket gets sold out.

Now, there is a setting for every ticket type, called as “Enable Waiting list”. You have to enable it in a ticket’s edit page. Once enabled, DoAttend will show a link in your event page, for people to get registered in that ticket’s Waiting list. The link will be shown only after the ticket gets sold out.

Register in waiting list

When registering in waiting list, people will be asked for their email address and the number of seats they need. These details are collected and stored for event managers to see it any time in their admin section.

Event managers can see the Waiting list by visiting “Attendees” > “Waiting List” page in the admin section. The list can be exported to CSV format. The link to download this list is present in the “Waiting List” page itself.

The event manager could open a few more seats in that ticket, by increasing the “Maximum quantity on sale” count. Once this happens, all of the waiting list members will be emailed about this new availability of seats. The email sent to them will have a link to the event page. People can then register for that ticket and their Waiting list entry will be updated accordingly.

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