The Quad: BootCamp

Fitness aficionados in Chennai will be treated to a new and adventurous style of workout this September, thanks to the Quad: BootCamp. The Quad is the brainchild of Raj Ganpath and Arvind Ashok, techies turned fitness coaches. The Quad aims to build fitness of individuals by optimally training them in all four physical abilities, viz.: strength, speed, endurance and mobility.

The Quad: BootCamp will have its attendees undergo a 10 week intensive training program that would consist of outdoor group classes and nutritional consulting. The intelligently designed workouts at the camp promise to improve fitness of participants through a number of unconventional training tools. Enthused by what the camp has to offer, one of us from DoAttend has already registered for the camp.

Tickets for the camp are selling fast and we would recommend you to register soon. See you at the Quad.

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