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Manage Roles in your event

TweetManaging events using DoAttend has always been easy for event organizers. But for medium and large-sized events, it is better to have extra hands that can make your life easier and get things done faster. In DoAttend, if you want to let others manage your event, you have to share your account credentials with them. […]
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Manage Cancellation & Refunds of Orders

TweetThe much awaited feature, Cancellation & Refunds for Orders, is now a part of DoAttend. For long, event organizers have felt the need for cancellation to help manage the final attendee list, and refunds to organize their accounting for the event. These functionalities will be available in the Order Detail page of an order. To […]
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Travel and photography companies in India

TweetAre you a budding photographer whose love for travel is unquenchable? We take a look at photography events that fit the bill. 1. Travelling Lens Led by Varun Gupta, Travelling Lens creates unique and customized travel photography experiences. Their photography workshops are a beautiful mix of adventure, relaxation, learning and a lot of fun. Events include […]
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