Manage Cancellation & Refunds of Orders

The much awaited feature, Cancellation & Refunds for Orders, is now a part of DoAttend. For long, event organizers have felt the need for cancellation to help manage the final attendee list, and refunds to organize their accounting for the event.

These functionalities will be available in the Order Detail page of an order. To get to this page, just click on the concerned Order ID on the Registrations Summary page.


Canceling an order will :-

  • remove all attendees in that order from the final attendee list
  • free up the tickets that had been purchased by these attendees
  • mark the order as Cancelled for your records

To cancel an order, simply click on the Cancel link and enter some reference details. Once you confirm, the changes listed above will take effect. Selecting Cancelled Orders from the dropdown in the Registrations Summary of your event will give you a complete list of such orders. As always, you can export this list to a CSV file.


Refunds have to be handled differently for customers using Paypal and for those using our INR Payment Gateway.

Those using Paypal, need to initiate the refund process at Paypal. Once that is done, the relevant order’s transaction history will automatically get updated on DoAttend.

For those using the INR payment gateway, you can initiate a refund by clicking on the Refund link on the Order Detail page. You can then enter a reference number, amount to refund if its a paid order and remarks if any. A refund request is then placed with us on your behalf. The refund will be initiated within 48 hours.

If you want to remove the concerned attendees from the final attendee list, then you need to manually Cancel the order as well.

We hope these functionalities further help ease the pain of managing registrations. Do let us know what you think in the comments section below

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