Fighting Fit- What martial arts can do for you (Part 2)

Martial Arts can be a great way to attain fitness and help you overcome all your fears. This was well explained by Ashwin Mohan in part 1 of his article last week. Part 2 of the same article briefs us further on how martial arts can help create positive individuals and in turn a better society.

The Journey

Once the student has understood the use of anaerobic circuits, he has reached a high level in martial arts. In Daoism (Dao meaning ‘the way’, also known as Tao), and Daoist thought, the next thing to do is to learn to “break out of the illusion”, a philosophy similar to Daoism, Budhism and Yoga and to ‘connect with the unchanging or immortal within you’. The changing or evolving part is discarded as unreal by all three schools of thought. Martial arts start focusing on destroying the illusions. When this is achieved the martial artist gains strange powers.

Here at Savage Fighting Arts, what I am trying to do is teach people to align, get their health back, and learn to breathe properly. If they can achieve these things, they have increased their lifespan. There is a sense of clarity and self-worth, which will help them do something positive in society, instead of just being a complaining consumer.

Martial Arts Today

Most people come here because they had a childhood dream that they should learn martial arts. Through martial arts we learn to appreciate life. When talking about wellness, it comes at a very deep level. One thing that martial arts can do for you that nothing else can is to eliminate your fear. You see the futility of being afraid. You replace that emotion with understanding, awareness and compassion. When I understand someone well and I see myself in his shoes, I realise that I would act the same way in that situation. It is not HIM, it is his programming. I don’t hold it against him. I understand that everybody is programmed a certain way, including myself and I keep trying to improve the programming.

Martial arts are always meant to change the face of society. It has a very big social role, much more than artists or scientists. Martial arts are speaking a language that the common man can understand. While things like global warming are happening, all people are worried about are their 9 to 5 jobs. Martial arts can change all that. They can begin to ask the deeper questions – what is it that is holding me up? What is sustaining me? How do I fit in? We start feeling like the expression of an entire whole.

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