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If you are a keen marketeer, you realize the importance of tracking incoming traffic to your event. With DoAttend’s clean URLs for event pages, it becomes remarkably easy to do this in tandem with Google Analytics. Once you have setup your event page on DoAttend, here’s how you can track incoming traffic to the page.

First off, setting up Google Analytics to track your event page. Assuming that you already have a google analytics account, you need to add your DoAttend event page as a Web Property to your Analytics account. Step-by-step instructions on how to set this up is explained in Google’s help center article. While following those instructions, you just need to ensure that you are entering your DoAttend event page URL (like for the Website’s URL field.

Adding a new property on Google Analytics


Once you’ve submitted the form, you will see a list of all your properties. When you click on the newly added property, you will see a Property ID for it. Copy this ID and head over to your DoAttend account. In DoAttend, click on the Events link and choose your event. Click on the SEO Tools link under the Promote tab. You will see a Google Analytics section in this page with a field asking for GA Property ID. Enter the Property ID here and submit it.

Enter the Property ID in DoAttend

DoAttend will add your Property ID to your event page and Google will be able to track incoming traffic to your event page. Sign in to your Google Analytics account and watch the numbers start ticking!

Many of our customers had requested a way to track sales through affiliates, partners and ads. We’re working on Affiliate tracking separately and it should be out in 2/3 weeks. Watch our blog to stay updated.

Got a great use case for this feature? Or a suggestion on how to extend it? We’re all ears! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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