Creating a Custom Event Registration Form

It’s understandable for an event manager to gather specific information from attendees to make the event a pleasant experience. From the type of computing device you plan to bring to dessert preferences, every bit of information helps event managers to plan ahead.

Thanks to the flexible and powerful DoAttend custom registration form, you can collect every bit of vital information from attendees. The flexibility just doesn’t extend to the number of fields you can have in the form, but the type of data you are looking for as well. From simple drop down menus to radio buttons and date related fields, we’ve got it all!

A Custom Event Registration Form

A Custom Event Registration Form

Data entry in these fields can be made mandatory if need be. Similarly, you can opt to make certain fields available only for either participants or guests!

To get going, visit the Registration form tab under Customize in your events page. Don’t miss the opportunity to know more about your attendees and extend them a warm welcome to your events!

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