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Creating a Custom Event Registration Form

TweetIt’s understandable for an event manager to gather specific information from attendees to make the event a pleasant experience. From the type of computing device you plan to bring to dessert preferences, every bit of information helps event managers to plan ahead. Thanks to the flexible and powerful DoAttend custom registration form, you can collect […]
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A Week in the Life of Chennai

TweetOur featured event for the week is  A Week in the Life of Chennai, a photographic event. Sponsored by the Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan) and Art Chennai 2012, in association with Travelling Lens,  ‘A Week in the Life of Chennai’  is Chennai’s first mass-based, public photography project.  Under this project, amateur and professional photographers […]
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The ZetaTrek Expedition

TweetOur Featured event for the week is the ZetaTrek Expedition, an online event organized by Rohit Gupta. In this guest post, Rohit updates us on the mysteries that his team of 21 participants has set out to explore. Update From The ZetaTrek Expedition: Ancient mysteries continue to haunt the team of 21 participants from 7 […]
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Fighting Fit- What martial arts can do for you (Part 2)

TweetMartial Arts can be a great way to attain fitness and help you overcome all your fears. This was well explained by Ashwin Mohan in part 1 of his article last week. Part 2 of the same article briefs us further on how martial arts can help create positive individuals and in turn a better […]
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Fighting Fit- What martial arts can do for you (Part 1)

TweetWe at DoAttend love to be associated with a variety of events. Getting to know what our clients do has exposed us to many new and interesting avenues. This post is part 1 of our first blog post in a series of  knowledge articles written by event organizers we work with.  Written by Ashwin Mohan, […]
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The Quad: BootCamp

TweetFitness aficionados in Chennai will be treated to a new and adventurous style of workout this September, thanks to the Quad: BootCamp. The Quad is the brainchild of Raj Ganpath and Arvind Ashok, techies turned fitness coaches. The Quad aims to build fitness of individuals by optimally training them in all four physical abilities, viz.: […]
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Leading mobile conferences in the world

TweetThe surge in smart phone sales across the world has encouraged developers and designers to develop apps compatible with or exclusive to smart phones. The emergence of  the mobile apps sector has added to the popularity of  various mobile conferences. Apart from product showcases and launches, these conferences also help designers and developers connect with […]
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Popular social media conferences in the world

TweetSocial media has provided businesses a medium to reach out to prospective clients and handle existing client relationships more efficiently. Social media conferences aim to create awareness on how organizations can leverage this medium effectively. In this post we take a look at five popular social media conferences held across the world. SXSW Interactive: The […]
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Popular literary festivals in India

TweetThe success of literary festivals in India in the last decade has helped add a new dimension to the literature scene in the country. A number of stake holders such as government bodies, publishing houses and other corporate organizations have come forward to support these festivals and this has only helped fuel increasing interest among […]
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Organizing an unconference: Customer story

TweetThe Android Camp was a participant driven unconference, centered on various opportunities Android as a technology provided. Kiran of HasGeek speaks to us on how his team delivered a unique experience and pulled off a very successful event. If you use DoAttend to manage your events, and would like to be featured as part of this […]
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