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Collecting online payments from attendees once an event is over

TweetOur friends over at HasGeek were looking at a way to handle post-event ticketing and we realized that this was potentially a need faced by a large number of event organizers; one that can be easily catered to using doattend’s Private Events feature. There may be cases where a handful of attendees attend an event […]
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Customizable mail templates

TweetNotifications are automatically sent to attendees via email, in response to a number of registration related actions, such as completing an online registration.┬áTill recently, these templates were standardized and covered generic event related information and content. DoAttend now offers event managers the ability to customize these various e-mail templates and replace them with preferred content. […]
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Robin Sharma in Chennai

TweetMadras Metro Round Table 95 & LifeCell are bringing the internationally respected leadership expert, Robin Sharma, to Chennai for a leadership workshop on Feb 25th, 2011. We’re proud to be associated with the event as the online registration service providers. More so since it’s an event in our own city! Tickets are selling fast, so […]
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Updated payment options for INR based tickets

Tweet With the recent addition of American Express, doattend now supports a multitude of online payment options, ensuring that your attendees’ preferred choices are catered to as much as possible. Read on to view the complete list of online payment options that are available as of today.
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All-new event pages and attendee interface

TweetThe fresh coat of paint is up! We’ve just updated the event page template and attendee interface across doattend. If you had an existing event page, have a look now to see the new enhancements, which include: a redesigned and more well spaced event page template a vivid styling theme to add life to your […]
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Revamped Event pages & Attendee Interface

TweetOne of our main objectives right from the beginning has been to provide a registration service that appeals to event attendees and alleviates the entire process of registering for an event. So when Hayley Tea used the word “sexy” to describe doattend’s interface, we were quite thrilled. In fact, it got us thinking about how […]
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Send emails to event attendees

TweetCommunicating with attendees during the period leading up to and after an event is typically an important requirement. Last minute notices to attendees reminding them to bring their tickets, or thank you mails to guests who attended the last event are just some of the many needs that you, as an event organizer, may wish […]
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List your event in the DoAttend Events Directory

TweetIf you’re one of the thousands of event organizers currently using doattend, you probably reached out to attendees through one or more of the following ways to drive registrations to your event: -direct marketing within your social and professional network -referrals from existing/previous event participants -publicity drives through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn […]
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Setup discounted pricing for group ticket purchases

TweetAs an incentive to promote ticket sales, it is common for event organizers to offer reduced pricing to a group of attendees purchasing tickets in a single order. Rather than create individual ticket types and differentiate between single and group categories, doattend now offers you the ability to specify various slabs of pricing on a […]
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Get social with doattend Live

Tweet Wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage social media to drive publicity for your event? If you’re an active Twitter user, you’re probably aware of the ability to reach out to a large audience with the power of a single tweet. During the days leading up to an event, it is increasingly common […]
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