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Creating a Custom Event Registration Form

TweetIt’s understandable for an event manager to gather specific information from attendees to make the event a pleasant experience. From the type of computing device you plan to bring to dessert preferences, every bit of information helps event managers to plan ahead. Thanks to the flexible and powerful DoAttend custom registration form, you can collect […]
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Google Analytics for your event

TweetIf you are a keen marketeer, you realize the importance of tracking incoming traffic to your event. With DoAttend’s clean URLs for event pages, it becomes remarkably easy to do this in tandem with Google Analytics. Once you have setup your event page on DoAttend, here’s how you can track incoming traffic to the page. […]
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Manage Roles in your event

TweetManaging events using DoAttend has always been easy for event organizers. But for medium and large-sized events, it is better to have extra hands that can make your life easier and get things done faster. In DoAttend, if you want to let others manage your event, you have to share your account credentials with them. […]
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Manage Cancellation & Refunds of Orders

TweetThe much awaited feature, Cancellation & Refunds for Orders, is now a part of DoAttend. For long, event organizers have felt the need for cancellation to help manage the final attendee list, and refunds to organize their accounting for the event. These functionalities will be available in the Order Detail page of an order. To […]
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Event CheckIn feature

TweetWe just rolled out “Event Checkin” feature in DoAttend. Many customers have been asking this for a long time and we are excited to release it today. Let me explain how Event CheckIn works. Every event has “Event Checkin” tab (under “Attendees”) in the event manager section. This page will contain a list of all […]
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Collecting First & Last Name from attendees instead of Full Name

TweetMany a times, organizers want to collect first and last names of their attendees separately instead of collecting their full name. DoAttend provides a simple mechanism to setup your event’s registration form to do this. Under the Setup tab for your event, click on the Registration Form link. This page is where the behavior of […]
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How to download event tickets

TweetThe DoAttend team has been busy these days in developing new features for Event attendees. It all started with Attendee login. By choosing to get an account with DoAttend, event attendees can manage their orders and tickets easily by themselves. An attendee can download her eTicket any time using her DoAttend account. There is no […]
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Collecting online payments from attendees once an event is over

TweetOur friends over at HasGeek were looking at a way to handle post-event ticketing and we realized that this was potentially a need faced by a large number of event organizers; one that can be easily catered to using doattend’s Private Events feature. There may be cases where a handful of attendees attend an event […]
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Host Private Events with DoAttend

TweetYou can now setup private events to collect registrations on DoAttend. Company workshops, private training sessions, closed meet-ups – just about anything that you want to be locked to the outside world. In your event creation/edit page, mark your event as “Private” and give it a password/secret-code. Your event page will then be locked and […]
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