Travel and photography companies in India

Are you a budding photographer whose love for travel is unquenchable?

We take a look at photography events that fit the bill.

1. Travelling Lens

Led by Varun Gupta, Travelling Lens creates unique and customized travel photography experiences. Their photography workshops are a beautiful mix of adventure, relaxation, learning and a lot of fun. Events include one day city workshops, weekend getaways, signature himalayan adventures to Ladakh, Zanskar, Kailash & Mansarovar lasting from seven to seventeen days and even outbound luxury adventures to Tibet and Turkey.

The Deepam festival advanced photography workshop is their next upcoming event, in the town of Tiruvannamalai, 85 kms south of Vellore. This workshop on documentary photography and story telling is led by Yannick Cormier of Trikaya photos. Register for it at

2. Toehold Travel and Photography

Founded by a bunch of professionals armed with a decade of experience in photography, Toehold Travel and Photography organizes a number of interesting wildlife travel and photography tours in locations such as the Bandhavgarh & Kanha national park, Bharatpur bird sanctuary and the Gir sanctuary. The Toehold team aims to provide an unforgettable travel experience coupled with the right knowledge to shoot stunning photographs.

Besides wildlife photography tours, they also organize one or two day workshops in photography basics at Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and New Delhi as well as kids camps and workshops.

3. Photography on the move

Bringing together the joy of photography and travelling, Photography on the move organizes a plethora of events, ranging from one day workshops to ten day long photo journeys to picturesque locations like the Andamans, Ladakh and Nagaland. A part of Getoff ur ass, Photography on the move urges you to take your imagination away from stuffy conference rooms to hidden places, impervious to the search button.

For those with busy schedules, a one day comprehensive SLR beginners workshop is offered in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Kolkata. They also organize advanced workshops in topics such as post production and studio setup for photographers.

4. Darter Photography

Professional photographers Arun Bhat, M V Shreeram and Shraddha Rathi are the brains behind Darter Photography. Their photography workshops and tours are backed with their expert guidance, sessions on various discontinuing paxil aspects of photography and image reviews. Their tours give you the opportunity to capture images of wildlife, nature and landscapes, heritage sites and street life.

Darter offers travel photography tours to Rajasthan and Varanasi, wildlife tours to Gir national park, Goa and Kutch and beginners photography workshops.

5. Photography Tours

Photography Tours, a unit of Ultimate Travels, helps amateur and professional photographers capture great photographs in the most scenic locations. Their team of professional photographers and tour leaders will guide you to the most amazing spots in your journey to capture stunning photographs.

Their upcoming photography tours in 2012 include the Nepal photography tour, Golden circuit of India photo tour, Lahaul Spiti photo tour and the Bandhavgarh and Kanha national parks wildlife expedition.


Choose from one of these unique, offbeat events if you are looking to combine your love for photography and travel, and enhance your photography skills under the guidance of experts.





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Win free passes for Nasscom Product Conclave 2011!

Would a free 2 day pass to India’s premiere startup event simply blow your socks off? Well that’s not surprising at all! That’s why we’re giving away 2 such passes to the most creative tweets you can send our way.

Here’s how it will work. Using the words apple, event and pizza, come up with a creative tweet. Add #nasscompc and @doattend to the tweets so that we can track them. Two of the most creative/witty/funny/smart tweets will win the 2 day passes for Nasscom Product Conclave 2011! We will announce the first winner on Nov 3rd and the second one on Nov 4th, giving ample time to make travel plans.

That’s it! It’s as simple as that. Now fire up those grey cells and get cracking! I’ve done my bit.

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Popular Gaming Events

Gaming and game development have been around for decades, and the industry only continues to grow bigger every day. Ditto with the gaming population. New platforms and interfaces keep hitting the market so often. And best of all, gaming’s gone social! So, where do gaming enthusiasts and game programmers meet, greet and game? Let’s find out.

1. Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is easily the mother of all game development gatherings. It’s been around for more than 20 years, and it’s got professional game designers and developers coming together. The upcoming conference in 2012 is set to happen in San Francisco, USA between March 5th and 9th. Some of the interesting focus topics for the next conference include: AI, Social Games, Games for Change, GDC Education, Smartphone / Tablet games, and Social & Online games.

2. DreamHack

DreamHack is on the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest LAN party. It is a Sweden based social gaming event. This year, it is happening between November 24th and 27th. It has a Gladiator style arena with multiple gaming tournaments and a huge expo featuring big names in gaming hardware and research.

3. Social Gaming Summit London

The Social Gaming Summit,London is a conference focusing on the convergence of gaming with social networks and immersive worlds. This event focuses more on the business side of things – monetizing games and converting markets. This year the summit is happening on November 14 and 15. The opening keynote is presented by Facebook’s European Head of Gaming Operations.

4. Gamescom

Gamescom is one of the largest game fairs and exhibitions in the world and it is all about ‘celebrating the games’. It is attended by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, and is definitely a haven for gamers looking for more grub.  Interestingly, Gamescom uses ‘age filtering’ wristbands to ensure that underage gamers are not exposed to content beyond their age while trying out games at stalls.  Gamescom is happening next in 2012, between 15 th and 19th August at Cologne, Germany.

5. E3 : Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3 is another huge game fair and expo that usually happens in Los Angeles, USA. It is usually a game ‘launchpad’ place, with a lot of developers showcasing upcoming games and gaming hardware here. It is well attended by developers, gamers and critics alike. The E3 awards event is also a big draw. Top game publishers like Disney Interactive Studio, Atari, Creative, Sony, Activision, Microsoft and Sega are all part of this super-mega event. E3 next happens between June 5 and 7, 2012.

With the hugely increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones, we can definitely expect bigger and better game events happening all across the globe, in the near future ( case in point: Angry Birds ! ) . It will be interesting to see how new hardware and application interfaces blend in to provide the ‘authentic’ gaming experience.

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Price-based comparison of email marketing services

Email marketing  is one of the most useful ways to promote your events. Although DoAttend provides organizers a way to email attendees from within the application, event organizers often rely on different email marketing services to reach out to a broader spectrum of audience. Often, pricing  plays a crucial role in deciding which email marketing service could be ideal for an event organizer. This article lists down the pricing structures of popular email marketing services and can help you, as an event organizer make an informed choice.

Most of the email marketing services offer a combination of three types of plans: Free plan, Subscription plan (Monthly or Annual) and Pay-as-you-go plan.

Free plan:

The free plan is often a trial version of the service that offers you most features free for a period of 30 days or less. This plan helps you to try out the different services and aids in making a better choice to suits your needs. Mail Chimp is the clear winner in the free plan category. Whilst most services offer only a trial, Mail Chimp actually offers a free plan (albeit with some limitations). If you have limited needs, you can try Mail Chimp’s free plan,which allows you to send 12,000 emails to a maximum of 2000 subscribers every month.

Subscription plan:

The subscription plan is the most popular plan and is targeted at users who regularly send emails. Pricing for this plan depends on the number of subscribers. If you take an annual subscription, some services give you a discount in the range of 10%–20% on the monthly costs associated with the plan.

If you are looking at connecting to less than 10,000 subscribers, Graphic Mail offers you the most reasonable pricing. At $30 for connecting to 10,000 subscribers, it’s a real bargain. On the other hand, if you are looking at numbers greater than 10,000  you may want to check out Stream Send. At about $210 for 150,000 emails, it’s quite reasonable.


For those of you, who have short-term needs, and do not frequently send out emails, some services offer the Pay-as-you-go plan where you pay based on the number of emails you send. Vertical response offers you a pay-as-you-go plan at good pricing.

If you have used an email marketing service and would like to recommend a good pricing plan, doshare your thoughts in the comments section.

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New feature: Waiting List

We are excited to announce Waiting List feature on DoAttend. This feature allows event managers to collect and track those who are still interested in ordering a ticket, even after that ticket gets sold out.

Now, there is a setting for every ticket type, called as “Enable Waiting list”. You have to enable it in a ticket’s edit page. Once enabled, DoAttend will show a link in your event page, for people to get registered in that ticket’s Waiting list. The link will be shown only after the ticket gets sold out.

Register in waiting list

When registering in waiting list, people will be asked for their email address and the number of seats they need. These details are collected and stored for event managers to see it any time in their admin section.

Event managers can see the Waiting list by visiting “Attendees” > “Waiting List” page in the admin section. The list can be exported to CSV format. The link to download this list is present in the “Waiting List” page itself.

The event manager could open a few more seats in that ticket, by increasing the “Maximum quantity on sale” count. Once this happens, all of the waiting list members will be emailed about this new availability of seats. The email sent to them will have a link to the event page. People can then register for that ticket and their Waiting list entry will be updated accordingly.

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Top Human–Computer Interaction(HCI) Conferences

Human–Computer Interaction (HCI), owing to its highly interdisciplinary nature, has its footprints in a wide array of disciplines. Hence, you can find a number of conferences that would be of interest to the HCI folks, that may not be purely HCI in nature. This article talks about some of the top HCI conferences in the world.

South by South West(SXSW) conference is a set of festivals and conferences conducted every year at Austin, Texas (US). The conference has three separate tracks: Film, Music and Interactive. The interactive track of the event draws the HCI crowd. It provides enormous variety in the types of sessions and workshops offered. One can also find people of  different backgrounds here: entrepreneurs, researchers, artists and musicians, professors and students, etc. Last year’s keynote by Seth Priebatsch, CEO of SCAVNGR, was enjoyed by many attendees and the event saw an attendance of over 20,000.

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) is an academic conference on innovations in human–computer interfaces. This year’s edition will be conducted at Santa Barbara during Oct 16–19, 2012. UIST is an event that has a more intimate feel to it with a single track. The conference is described as an ideal platform for having exchanges on research and implementations in HCI. If you are a student, you can also check out the Student Innovation Contest conducted by them annually.

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) is the most popular and respected academic conference in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. Organized by ACM SIGCHI (Special Interest Group in Human–Computer Interaction), the world’s leading organization in HCI, the 2012 edition of this event will be conducted at Austin, Texas (US) from May 5–10. Researchers, practitioners and scientists in HCI and allied fields from different parts of the world attend this event. Selected papers and posters that cover the latest research in the field are presented at the conference. Workshops, case studies and courses are also conducted by industry experts, practitioners and researchers.

Interaction IxDA Conference
Interaction IxDA Conference is the flagship conference organized by Interaction Design Association (IxDA). The conference not only brings members from different chapters across the world but also attracts participants from the interaction design community. The beautiful city of Dublin is the host for the next edition of this conference. This year’s keynote speakers includes Dr. Genevieve Bell, Director of User Interaction and Experience at Intel Labs and Luke Williams, Author, Professor & Fellow at Frog. If you are interested in Interaction Design, then try not to miss this one.

The TEI Conference
Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) is one of the popular conferences for tangible interaction geeks. The event at the conference provide a focus on Interactive Art and HCI Tools and Technologies. Apart from the speaker talks, attendees also get to experience new trends in the field through hands-on studios, art installations and performances. The next edition is scheduled from Feb 19–22, 2012 at Ontario, Canada.

Have you attended any of these events? Do share your experiences in the comments section.

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Event CheckIn feature

We just rolled out “Event Checkin” feature in DoAttend. Many customers have been asking this for a long time and we are excited to release it today. Let me explain how Event CheckIn works.

Every event has “Event Checkin” tab (under “Attendees”) in the event manager section. This page will contain a list of all the confirmed Attendees and Guests for the event, along with their Check-in status and time.

Three primary things can be done in this Event Checkin page.

1. Attendees/Guests can be checked in.
2. Export the attendee list to CSV format.
3. Search for a particular attendee or guest.

To Check in an Attendee or a Guest: Simply type the Ticket number(given below the barcode in every ticket) in the textbox and press “Check In”. This even gets better if you have Barcode scanners at your disposal. Just supply the barcode scanner output to this text box then. The supplied ticket number or barcode will be cross checked with the event attendee list and the corresponding attendee will be marked as checked in. The list will then update the status of the attendee.

To export the attendee list along with their checkin status: Just click “Export this list” link and a CSV download will start immediately. The CSV file will contain the same list that is seen in the Event Check In page.

To search for a particular attendee/guest: Start typing any information (like email or name) you know about the attendee and the list will bring up the corresponding attendee to top of the list.

We are sure that this feature is very useful for an event. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Collecting First & Last Name from attendees instead of Full Name

Many a times, organizers want to collect first and last names of their attendees separately instead of collecting their full name. DoAttend provides a simple mechanism to setup your event’s registration form to do this.

Under the Setup tab for your event, click on the Registration Form link. This page is where the behavior of the registration form is defined. In this page, the first field listed will be Name. Against the Name field, on the far right, you will see a link that says “Use First & Last Name” . Click on this link and voila! – your event’s registration form is now setup to collect First and Last names from attendees.

Form setup with "Use First & Last Name" link

If you change your mind and want to switch back to collecting full name instead, then you can click on the “Use Full Name” link that you will see.

Form with "Use Full Name" link

Bear in mind that you need to set this up before registrations for your event begins.

So there it is. A simple mechanism to change the way you collect the names of your attendees. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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The Quad: BootCamp

Fitness aficionados in Chennai will be treated to a new and adventurous style of workout this September, thanks to the Quad: BootCamp. The Quad is the brainchild of Raj Ganpath and Arvind Ashok, techies turned fitness coaches. The Quad aims to build fitness of individuals by optimally training them in all four physical abilities, viz.: strength, speed, endurance and mobility.

The Quad: BootCamp will have its attendees undergo a 10 week intensive training program that would consist of outdoor group classes and nutritional consulting. The intelligently designed workouts at the camp promise to improve fitness of participants through a number of unconventional training tools. Enthused by what the camp has to offer, one of us from DoAttend has already registered for the camp.

Tickets for the camp are selling fast and we would recommend you to register soon. See you at the Quad.

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How to download event tickets

The DoAttend team has been busy these days in developing new features for Event attendees. It all started with Attendee login. By choosing to get an account with DoAttend, event attendees can manage their orders and tickets easily by themselves.

An attendee can download her eTicket any time using her DoAttend account. There is no need to contact event managers for this purpose. Every account has a “My tickets” page. Event tickets and details of completed/incomplete orders for past and upcoming events can be found in this page.

An event attendee can also download her ticket using the “Download eTicket” link. This link can be found on the DoAttend website. On clicking that link, she will be asked for her email ID. If she already has an account with DoAttend, she will then be directed to her “My tickets” page, and can download her ticket.

If there is no account with her email address, an account confirmation link is sent to her. After creating a DoAttend account, she can visit her “My Tickets” page and download her event ticket.

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